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How to Value a Lladro Figurine

Lladro is a maker of fine porcelain figurines. The company was founded by three brothers in 1958. Lladro porcelain figurines have become a coveted collector's item that increase in value as time passes. Knowing what your Lladro figurines are worth can help you know the value for insurance purposes or if you are seeking to sell your collection.

Check out some books about collecting Lladro porcelain figures. The public library can get them for you on interlibrary loan, or you can buy them. Look for these titles: "Collecting Lladro: Identification & Price Guide" by Peggy Whiteneck and "Lladro Authorized Reference Guide" by Lladro USA. Check to make sure you are getting the most current edition.

Visit the official Lladro website for information about your figurine. Click on the historical catalog to find your piece. You can search by number (look on the bottom of your figurine) or by theme, such as ballet or angels. If you can't find your figurine, contact customer service. Once you have the name of the figure, you'll have more success checking its value.

Check out the A Retired Collection website, which deals in the resale of Lladro figures. You will need to register to look up your Lladro figurines. Enter your figurine details into the site and it will tell you the name, sculptor, date the piece was issued and when it was retired, plus the current value and original sale price. You can even use the site to catalog your collection.

Visit the El Portal Porcelana website to find information on Lladro's NAO, Zaphir and Golden Memories brands. The site contains complete catalogs for each of these brands.The catalogs provide the last retail price and an estimated current value for each piece.


  • Keep the box that the figure came in to retain its value.
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