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The Value of Royal Doulton Plates

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Royal Doulton is one of England's most well-known companies, dating to 1815. The company manufactures tableware, ceramics, stoneware, glass and collectable figurines. Royal Doulton has undergone many mergers throughout its history. The most recent was a collaboration with celebrity British chef Gordan Ramsey, known for his quality and innovation, and the Waterford Crystal Group.

WWRD Holdings, the company's current name, sells and distributes its china around the world under celebrated brands, including Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, Minton, Johnson Brothers and Franciscan.


Royal Doulton is a popular brand in the United States for those looking to purchase formal or everyday china. Macy's, a reseller of Royal Doulton products, offers hundreds of individual pieces and sets that range in price from $16 for a saucer plate to more than $50 for a dinner plate as of 2010.

Collector/Special Occasion Plates

Royal Doulton also develops and brands collector plates depicting scenes or images of people or plants. Replacements.com values the special occasion plates up to $300 per piece.


There are a number of factors that impact the value of a Royal Doulton plate. According to Deb Henry, a china dealer and Star Supplier for Replacements.com, the factors include the age of the plate, the number manufacturer (fewer manufactured plates will increase the price) and the condition of the plate.

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