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Boyds Bear Collector Information

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Teddy bears have appealed to the masses since their inception. In 1984, The Boyds Collection Ltd. introduced its own line of plush bears made in the old-world Teddy bear tradition.

Boyds Plush

Bears and Hares You Can Trust is comprised primarily of Teddy bears and floppy eared bunnies. The hang tag reflects the release date and the tush tag has a production date. There should not be more than one year difference in these dates. Fur type and color are also key identifiers of the plush bears.

Boyds Resin

The Boyds Bearstone Collection is a line of resin bear figurines. Each figurine is hand painted, individually numbered, comes in a gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity. The first number on the figurine represents its edition. The second number represents the piece within that edition. A piece with the number 3E/2301 would be the 2,301st piece of the third edition.

Boyds Values

Values for Boyds collectibles are based on the item's condition, the number of items originally produced, its production status and current demand. To view photos and stats on Boyds collectibles, visit BoydsStuff.com.

Proper Care

To clean plush pieces, use a damp cloth to spot clean or a handheld vacuum to dust. Do not launder the plush collectibles, as it weakens the seams. Resin figures can be dusted with a small soft clean brush or compressed air. Due to their delicate features, resin statues should not be washed in water.


Current pieces in The Boyds Collection Ltd. are available in gift and specialty shops nationwide. To find retired Boyds pieces, check your local flea markets, resell shops, antique and collectible stores, and online auction sites.

Collector's Club

The Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds is a collector’s club for Boyds enthusiasts. Membership comes with exclusive benefits. Visit your local Boyds retailer or BoydStuff.com to join.

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