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Value of Premiere Fine China

Premiere Fine China is no longer produced but it can be found and sold as replacement pieces. The value depends on the condition of the piece and the rarity. The three main collections of Premiere Fine China are Harmony, Margaret 5555 and April Rose.

Harmony Collection

In the Harmony Collection of Japan Premiere Fine China, pattern number M6003, replacement pieces are valued at $12 to $45 per piece at the Robbins Nest website, as of October 2010. A cup is $12, a 10 1/4- inch dinner plate is $15, the sugar bowl with lid is $28 and the chop plate 12 1/8-inch round serving platter is $45. This collection features pink and yellow flowers.

Margaret 5555 Collection

The Premiere Margaret 5555 collection costs $5 for a replacement saucer and $20 for a 10 1/2-inch replacement dinner plate at the Robbins Nest website, as of October 2010. This pattern features blue flowers in a tan urn, with smooth edges and a platinum trim.

April Rose Collection

The 1 Fine China website sells replacement pieces for the April Rose collection. As of October 2010, the seven-inch soup bowl is valued at $7.95, as is the 7 3/4-inch salad plate. The footed cup and saucer is $9.99, the 10 3/4-inch dinner plate is $14.95, the sugar bowl and lid is $14.95, and the round serving plate is $39.95.

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