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How to Sell Boyds Bears

Boyds Bears are very popular items that are in high demand by collectors. You can make a fair income selling them. Whether you would like to sell new Boyds Bears, buy and sell used Boyds or do both, the following steps will show you how.

Become a Boyds Bears dealer to sell new Boyds products by going to the Boyds website and downloading an application form. Complete the application and send it along with a copy of your state resale tax ID certificate to the Boyds company. Once all documentation is received, they can approve you to be a dealer of their products.

Open up your own website to sell Boyds Bears. There are several websites that do this, and you can become one of them. You will need to have a URL address, get your website designed and have a shopping cart put on the site. You must have Boyds approval first to become a dealer before you can open your online store.

Go to a collector's website. There you can sell or trade your Boyds collectables with other collectors. You can also purchase Boyds bears off these sites for resale.

Put your Boyds Bear on eBay to sell it as a buy-it-now product or in an auction.

Put an ad in the paper or on Craig's List to sell your bears. You can put out an ad to buy Boyds bears as well and resell them.


You can also put an ad on your Boyds website to purchase Boyds bears collectibles that you can resell on your site.

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