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How to Sell Gorham Sterling Silver

Sell Gorham sterling silver.
silver pots and silverware sets image by araraadt from Fotolia.com

Gorham Silverware was produced by the Gorham Manufacturing Company founded in 1831. The company produced quality silverware created by skilled craftsmen and was well known as one the premiere silver companies in America. They commissioned special works for presidents as well as other popular historical personalities in a rich tradition of fine silver creations.

Auction it on eBay. eBay hosts thousands of Gorham Silverware auctions each day, with collections dating all the way back to the very earliest creations of the company in the 1800s. eBay is a popular means of selling items and is generally secure for both the buyer and the seller. eBay's auction controls allow you to be able to set a reserve price to ensure that the winning bid is an amount that you are willing to accept. Additionally you can set a "buy it now" price that will allow a prospective buyer to purchase it immediately for a preset price without waiting for the auction to complete.

List it on Craigslist. Don't want to pay eBay's listing fees? Don't want to mess with the hassle and headache of shipping to a faceless buyer? Craigslist works like an online classified section of the newspaper. Simply post a new classified ad for your Gorham Silverware and other prospective buyers local to your area will see your ad and contact you. You can work out payment details with them personally. Best of all, Craigslist offers this service for free.

Take it to a local jewelry store. Gorham Sterling Silverware is made out of .925 quality silver that has a basic intrinsic value. The daily price of silver can fluctuate based on the demands of the international silver market so the amount the store will offer you for your Gorham Silverware may vary greatly day to day and even hour to hour. You should look up the selling price of silver before you go to the store to ensure that the price the jewelry store is offering is somewhat in line with the current price of silver.

Show it on the Antiques Roadshow. Gorham Manufacturing is an old company dating back to the 1800s and although most of their productions were commercial, they did commission some specialty works for well known historical personalities including U.S. presidents. If you have an inkling that your collection might be something unusual it might be worth showing it to a respectable appraiser.

Take out an ad in the classifieds. Similar to Craigslist but with a possibly wider audience, people have been selling items in the classifieds for decades. Classified ads can vary in cost based on duration and description but it might be worthwhile if you can attract that one buyer who will pay the price you want.

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