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How to Sell Lenox Collectibles

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Things You'll Need:

  • Internet access
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Camera


Take pictures of all the items that you plan to sell on eBay or on other sites.

Describe the item accurately. You'll earn a bad reputation for selling poor-quality items if you pass them off as in better shape than they are.

Lenox is a china manufacturer that creates dinnerware, flatware and small china collectibles. Such Lenox collectibles may include Disney characters, holiday figurines, animal figurines and flowers. If you've discovered some old Lenox collectibles, then you may be able to make a nice profit by selling them online or to an antiques dealer in your community.

Create a free membership on the Collectors' Information Bureau, which tracks sales of Lenox, Hummel and other collectibles.

Look up your products on the Collectors' Information Bureau. Find out the current average selling price of your figurines and set your prices accordingly. If a figure is currently not selling for that much, you might want to hold onto it or bundle it with another figurine to get a higher selling price.

Sort your Lenox collectibles by approximate value. Write down the figurines that you have, their approximate worth and the salable condition of your pieces. You'll command far less for a chipped figurine than a mint-condition collectible.

List figurines for sale at online auction sites, such as eBay. Set a minimum sales price to ensure that you get a minimum dollar amount for your collectibles.

Take figurines to an antique dealer in your area if you're having trouble selling the collectibles. Sell them to the antique dealer outright, or come up with a commission sales plan that works for you.

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