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How to Find the Value of Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Silver candlesticks can be antiques or simply modern reproductions.
candlestick image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.com

Sterling silver has been used as a medium for artwork for centuries and is still popular today. Determining the value of your sterling silver candlesticks could take some legwork, but the end result may be worth your initial effort if you find that they're worth a substantial amount of money. Then you can keep them and let them continue to appreciate in value, or you can investigate how to sell them to get the best deal.

Flip the candlesticks over and look for any maker's marks on their base. The company or artist name, as well as a product or serial number, may be engraved on the base of either candlestick.

If possible, contact the company whose name appears on your candlesticks and ask what year they were made. Having an idea of the year of manufacture can help you determine what they're worth. Sterling silver candlesticks from the 1800s, for example, are worth more than those manufactured today by warehouse stores.

Use an antiques guidebook to look up your candlesticks by their dealer name and year. If they're listed, you'll know their value immediately. These manuals are updated annually and are available at any large bookstore.

Take your candlesticks to an antiques store or collective and talk to a dealer about their value. Ask him how much money you could get for them in the current market. Talk to at least two other dealers to compare their answers.

Take your candlesticks to at least three pawnshops as well and ask the pawnbrokers how much money you could expect to receive for them.

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