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How Do I Find the Book Value of Longaberger Baskets?

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Longaberger is one of the best-known brands of basket. The company, founded in 1973, sells their products through home parties. If you want to sell or purchase second-hand products, there are several ways to find the book value.

Official Longaberger Collectors Club

As of 2010, a one-year club membership is included with a $45 basket purchase. Club membership includes access to myCollection Service, which lists dollar values of Longaberger products supplied by The Bentley Guide (see Resources).

The Bentley Guide

The Bentley Guide also has its own website. The print version is no longer available, but you can purchase one-time online views of the guide. As of November 2010, the price is $6.95 for 10 searches or $12.95 for 25 searches.

Other Seller Websites

While online auction and classified websites have Longaberger products, a specialized Longaberger website, The Basket Market, offers free browsing of listings (see Resources). This site gives you the value of a Longaberger basket from an owner's perspective.

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