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How to Get PS1 Emulator for PS3

The Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) has been on the market for more than 15 years and still gamers all over the world play its games and enjoy them as if they were recently released. Early models of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) offered PS1 emulation, but newer models ditched that feature in place of a slimmer-looking console. Hope is not lost, however, as you can install a PS1 emulator application on the PS3.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ps3Sx Pkg File
  • Usb Flash Drive

Connect the USB flash drive to the computer.

Download the PS3SX package file for the Sony PS3 from the developer's website. Drag the PKG file onto the USB flash drive icon on the computer desktop.

Unplug the USB flash drive from the computer and plug it into the PS3's USB port.

Highlight the "Install Package Files" option on the PS3 menu and press the "X" button to bring up the PKG files on the USB flash drive.

Select the PS3SX PKG file and the PS1 emulator is installed on the PS3. Press the "O" button on the PS3 controller to return to the PS3 menu.

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