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How to Find Information About Otagiri Pottery

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The Otagiri Mercantile Company or Otagiri Manufacturing Company (OMC) was a well-known Japanese wholesaler that manufactured giftware and ceramics. San Francisco became the American headquarters for Otagiri. The company specialized in tiki or Polynesian themed mugs, bowls and other ceramics produced for restaurants and tiki bars. Although Otagiri ceramics were also sold in retail stores, the tiki themed items have remained highly prized among collectors. You can purchase Otagiri pottery and find more information about it through websites related to the history of porcelain collectibles, antiques and dinnerware.

Search websites for antique retailers that include porcelain, dinnerware or china in the catalog or inventory.

Examine your pottery. Most Otagiri ceramics are marked with a gold and yellow sticker printed with "Japan" and "OMC."

Write to the Enesco Coporation. The Otagiri Mercantile Company was sold to the Enesco Corporation in 1994, which discontinued the brand. The address is: Enesco Corporation One Enesco Plaza Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Search websites for Polynesian or tiki collectibles.


Visit local flea markets and antique stores that feature porcelain collectibles.

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