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What Is Traditional Art?

Traditional art has a geographic reference.
paysage murale image by Géraldine Royer from Fotolia.com

Traditional art is culturally significant. Fine art references to European traditions are in oil paintings, sculpture or architecture. Traditional Latin American art describes the indigenous cultures that produce baskets, masks and pottery as well as paintings. Traditional art symbols incorporate native myths or stories.


Statues are traditional art of Europe.
statue of a Greek soldier and a Greek woman image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

Examples of traditional art are found in types and styles of housing. Architecture strongly links geography and art.


Pottery is a traditional art in many cultures.
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Decorative pottery is stylized according to geography and culture. Greek vessels of pottery and Native American earthenware pottery are examples of traditional art forms.


Silk painting is a traditional art of Asia.
silk background image by Liu xiang from Fotolia.com

Painting in oils and acrylics is traditionally considered a European art form. Asian paintings have traditions of silk and rice paper painting.


Theater and ceremony are types of art representative of culture. Theater is art that defines social norms.


Traditional art forms of masks are found in many cultures.
tribal masks image by StephenD from Fotolia.com

Traditional arts of Africa, Asia and America include masks for ceremony and decoration.

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