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How to Know What My Lalique Is Worth

Get a recommendation of a reputable appraiser to determine the value of a Lalique item.
magnifying glass image by Yuriy Mazur from Fotolia.com

Collectibles are big business, and Lalique pieces may be worth quite a bit of money. Some Lalique pieces may date to the late 19th century. Lalique makes crystal items, jewelry, perfume and household decor. If you are interested in selling your Lalique piece or just curious about its worth, there are several ways to get an accurate marketplace appraisal. An appraisal may show your piece is fake; your item should have the RLalique signature, for the designer Rene Lalique.

Contact R. Lalique Appraisal Services via email at [email protected]. In your email, include information about your piece, including what it is and what you are looking for, your contact information and explain you are the owner of the piece. The company will send an appraiser to you, request that you send the piece to it or recommend a local appraiser.

Call a recommended local appraiser, based on Lalique’s recommendation and those of other collectors, to arrange for an appraisal. See Resources for links to locate a credible appraiser.

Visit a well-known auction house with your Lalique piece to get an appraisal of your piece. Some auction houses have special events where they do mass appraisals on a particular weekend or day.

Send your inquiry about the value and picture of your Lalique piece to an online appraiser (see Resources). Though this will not give you an authentic appraisal, as the businesses are not examining the piece in person, it may give you a guideline on your item’s worth.

Take a photo of your Lalique piece and submit it Country Living magazine (see Resources). The magazine may or may not select your question for publication in the magazine and online.

Go to one of the Antique Roadshow’s appraisal events held around the country. You must obtain tickets in advance and be prepared to wait, as these events are crowded with other people seeking appraisals.

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