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How to Sell Fostoria Crystal

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Things You'll Need:

  • Authentic Fostoria pieces
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • EBay account

If you want to sell your Fostoria you need to know exactly what you have and what it is worth. You need to be able to guarantee that it is authentic Fostoria and not one of the many reproductions that are in existence. It is also important to sell to an informed market in order to get its full value. EBay is one of the best places to sell Fostoria because the buyers on eBay know their business.

Take a picture

Take several pictures of your Fostoria that clearly show each piece from a variety of angles. Take closeups so that details can be clearly seen. Make sure there are no distractions in the pictures by setting the Fostoria against a simple and neutral background.

State what the piece is and describe its details. Say if it has any chips or evidence of wear or any other kind of flaws. It is a good idea to include the dimensions as well. Identify special features of your Fostoria, such as whether it has an etched design or if the pattern is pressed into the glass.

Although there are many ways to sell your Fostoria, eBay has a large market and the buyers who bid on eBay are well informed and often quite savvy. It is important to sell your Fostoria to a knowledgeable buyer in order to get the best price and to ensure its long-term preservation.

When potential buyers ask you questions about your Fostoria, be sure to email a prompt and clear response. It is important for potential buyers to develop a rapport with you and to know they can trust you. Communication is an important part of successfully selling your Fostoria.

Once the sale is complete, be sure you package the Fostoria very well before shipping. Bubble paper is the lightest weight and most protective of packaging materials. You can either purchase bubble paper or reuse it from previous packages. Either way, be sure you carefully wrap each piece and secure the wrapping with strong tape such as duct tape. Do not place pieces close together in the box; separate them with extra packaging.

If you don't want to sell your Fostoria online, you can take it to a flea market or set it in a booth at an antique mall. However these options may take longer than eBay and your potential market may not be as well informed.

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