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How to Appraise Mikasa China

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Mikasa has been a successful American dinnerware company for over half a century. Starting as a china importer in 1948, the company eventually became a dinnerware wholesaler to stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Mikasa was introduced as a brand in 1957. (reference 1) Because of Mikasa’s popularity, evidenced by the company’s large number of patterns and styles, it can seem hard to determine the value of specific pieces, especially older patterns. However, with a little research, you can discover how much your treasured china is really worth.

Identify the pattern. Mikasa puts the pattern name or number on the back of its china. If you need further help in identifying your pattern, check a reference book such as the “Collector's Encyclopedia of American Dinnerware” by Jo Cunningham.

Go to the source. Mikasa has an extensive online store that will give you prices for current pieces. This website is helpful if you are looking to appraise popular patterns, such as Italian Countryside, Antique White and French Countryside.

Visit a library or bookstore. It will be hard to find a price guide specifically for Mikasa. Instead, look for china collector and price guides that include a wide range of makers, such as “Dinnerware of the 20th Century: The Top 500 Patterns (Official Price Guides to Dinnerware of the 20th Century)” by Harry L. Rinker.

Research online. Replacements Limited offers a large selection of Mikasa china in current and discontinued patterns, and you may be able to find the value of your china through their online inventory. If you are unable to find your piece on your own, or are still trying to identify your pattern, you can send the company a picture of your china and they can help you with identification and valuation.

Look at antiques stores that specialize in china to see how various pieces of Mikasa are priced. Online antiques stores are also useful for discovering the value of Mikasa. Web stores such as The Silver Queen, Ruby Lane, and Go Antiques all offer a large selection of dinnerware.

Look on eBay. Online auctions sites such as eBay are excellent places to see a wide variety of Mikasa china. The prices on online auctions tend to be lower than in an antiques store. However, if you plan to sell some pieces yourself, you will come away with an idea of what price people are willing to pay for individual items and even sets of Mikasa.


When appraising china, condition matters. Chips, cracks, or crazing will drastically reduce the value of most pieces. Also, if the pattern shows wear, this can affect the value.

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