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How to Sell Dollhouse Miniatures

Family of miniature figures in front of dollhouse.
Caspar Benson/fStop/GettyImages

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • Internet access

So, you've been building dollhouse miniatures for your own enjoyment for some time now. You've even gotten pretty good at it. Observers would be hard-pressed to tell that magnificent bureau with the cherry finish wasn't made by Chippendale. You think you should branch out, start building dollhouse miniatures for others. That's a great idea, but first you must learn how and where to sell them.

Sell Your Dollhouse Miniatures to Others

List your dollhouse miniatures for sale on eBay (see Resources below). EBay is the best and easiest way to get your dollhouse miniatures out there in front of the buying public. If you don't already have a seller's account on eBay, sign up for one today.

Place a classified ad in your local newspaper or on Craigslist (see Resources below). Both options are good ways to let people know what you have to offer. The only difference is that Craigslist is free while a newspaper will probably charge you a small fee for placing your classified ad.

Set up shop at a flea market. For a small fee, you can rent a table at most local flea markets. Once you've got your table, you can use it to display and sell your dollhouse miniatures. Find local flea markets in your town's newspaper classified ads or in the Yellow Pages.

Place fliers in area craft stores. You can use your computer to create a good, simple flier with your name and telephone number on it, or go to a local print shop to have it done for you. Once you've got your flier in hand, ask to speak to the managers of local craft stores about putting up your fliers in their stores. Many craft shops have bulletin board areas that are used for this purpose.

Go to a toy convention. Check your local newspaper for upcoming toy conventions. Then, call the organizers of those conventions to ask about getting your own vendor table to use to sell your dollhouse miniatures.


Be as specific as you can in your eBay listings and take a lot of pictures. Be sure to include measurements for your miniatures. The more information potential buyers have about your dollhouse miniatures, the better able they will be to make an informed decision. Do a search on eBay for similar miniatures. This will give you an idea of average prices for what you are selling.

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