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Golfing Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Timely news about golfing will make reading your bulletin board worthwhile.

A bulletin board is useful for posting official policies, upcoming events and helpful information. A golfing-themed bulletin board would be appropriate for a country club, sports store or golfing community. Choosing timely, interesting and amusing features for your bulletin board will make it an enjoyable resource for everyone who passes by.

Make The Board Specific To Golf

To make your golfing bulletin board stand out, give it a customized shape. Purchase a large length of bulletin-board cork, a poster of your favorite golfer displaying his famous swing and some cardboard backing. First, cut the silhouette of the golfer out of the poster. Place it on your cork material and trace it. Do the same with the cardboard. Cut the silhouettes out and glue the cork onto the cardboard backing. Now you have a bulletin board that is cut in the shape of a golfer's silhouette.

Useful Information

Your bulletin board is the best place for posting facility policies, rules and regulations. In a club, guests can peruse the board for names and contact information for club pros or the information desk. You also can use the bulletin board to post club hours, restaurant menus, event fliers, calendars, facility-wide memos, meeting minutes, safety reminders, sale items, a map of the course and information about reserving tee-times, caddies and carts.

Fun Stuff

Pepper your golfing bulletin board with fun-to-read items. Start with a feature on the golf-pro of the week. Add tips specific to the local course or general golfing tips such as "10 Ways to Improve Your Swing." Post news articles about professional matches. Include photos of famous celebrities playing at local golf courses or photos of club members and employees. Post inspirational quotations about golfing or quotations from famous golfers.

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