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The Best Materials for Building House Models

A detailed model is an excellent visual aid when selling a new building project.
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Crafting a model building is a challenge that takes time. You will want to use the best materials possible when making a model for an architecture, school, diorama or model railroad project. Foam, balsa wood, plywood, book board, craft or wood adhesives and paint are among the best materials for house model building.

Foam Board

Foam board is smooth and easy to cut with a craft knife. This paper-covered board is made to be scored, folded, mitered, sanded and secured together with craft glue to create a dimensional model of a house. It is also budget-friendly for architectural or school projects.

Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is a medium used to create lightweight models of more realistic looking houses that are desired by professionals and hobbyists. Balsa wood is cut with a utility knife or craft saw and assembled with craft adhesive or wood glue. The wood is painted and further enhanced with crafted windows and doors.


Plywood is best used for dimensional model houses that will be handled frequently.The wood is cut with a saw and secured with nails, screws and wood glue. A plywood model house may feature detailed balsa siding, roofing, room partitions and realistic enhancements such as wooden shingles.

Book Board

Book binding board, or chipboard, is another strong material that is versatile for making a house model. The wood pulp board is scored and folded or cut with a utility knife to be formed into a three-dimensional building shape which, can be painted or papered for a realistic appearance.

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