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How to Start a Music Club

Music clubs allow musicians to share and collaborate.
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Music clubs encourage, share, support and teach music to their members and community. Club members use their club time to rehearse, perform together or solo and offer encouragement to other members in their musical pursuits. Each member has the opportunity to introduce new music and ideas to the club. Music clubs can also be supportive platforms for community outreach and educational music programs.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flyers
  • Notepad
  • Music Club Mission Statement
  • Music Club Location
  • Fellow Musician Members
  • Pen

Speak to fellow musicians about starting a music club. Share your ideas about what you want the club's philosophy to be, what it will offer its members and the sorts of activities in which you plan to take part.

Write a mission statement. It should include the club's name, its philosophy and its purpose. List your name and contact information where potential members can contact you with questions.

Post flyers in the area you would like to recruit members, and post on Internet message boards and classifieds that you are starting a music club.

Secure a space that will be your club headquarters. Choose a place appropriate for musical practice and within safe distance of the majority of club members.

Prepare yourself to welcome all your new members to your first music club meeting. Have notes and activities prepared and discuss the club, its mission statement and its philosophy. Take notes and suggestions from other members about activities and performance opportunities.

Make a performance and event goal list and plan with the other members. Set up the next music club meeting to begin rehearsal and preparation for the club events. Break down event duties into teams among members and follow through with the event plan.

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