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Activities for Singles Over 40

You are never too old to get out and meet new people.
senior couple holding hands image by Janet Wall from Fotolia.com

Being over the age of 40 and being single can be tough. It's hard to make new connections and meet other people your age who are single. But there are activities you can participate in that take place near you. Plenty of organizations put on events for mature singles to meet one another in a safe, friendly environment.


Cities throughout the nation put on dances for singles who are 40 and over to attend. Look online or in your local paper for these types of events. Various organizations will host dances in different venues at different times, so be sure to get an updated event list for your area. If you can't find a dance club near you that's putting on a 40-and-older dance, try joining a dance class for ballroom dancing or salsa.


Places such as your local YMCA have workshops and classes that attend to a mature crowd. Join these classes or even consider taking classes at a community college to meet people your age who share a common interest. Workshops will get you meeting new people, keep you occupied and teach you skills as well.

Wine Tastings

Many cities host wine tastings for mature singles to mingle, exchange conversation and, of course, enjoy some wine. It's a great way to get out of the house and meet new people. You can find wine tastings near you by visiting your local winery, reading wine magazines or searching online.

Singles Groups

Different locales offer different types of group gatherings, so look around if you can't find a singles group near you that piques your interest. To find singles groups, log on to Meetup.com and search for groups near your city. Joining a group allows you to meet people with common interests and enables you to meet new people on consistent basis since these groups tend to meet on a regular schedule.

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