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How to Get Invited to the BET Awards

Be a part of the BET award show as a guest.
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Black Entertainment Television (BET) created an awards show in 2001 to honor the best artists of hip hop, soul and R&B, pop, jazz, blues and gospel, as well as prominent television/film actors and performers. As of 2006, the BET award show takes place at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. Guests in attendance are formally invited by the BET network. If you don't have a ticket, there are a few things you can do that can improve your chances of obtaining a seat at one of the most anticipated award shows in Los Angeles.

Be a performer. The most obvious way to get invited is to make a career out of music, acting or dancing. If you are an up-and-coming local artist seeking publicity, contact BET's Human Resources Department to inquire about how to get free show tickets. Mail in a talent resume highlighting your music skills and credentials, performances or TV/film appearances to legitimize yourself as a professional performer.

Work with the artists who will be in attendance or performing. Audition to be a backup singer, musician or dancer for a particular music group or act. Any talent that gets noticed may be invited to join the ranks of popular artists on stage or in the audience.

Try a contest. Listen for radio stations and urban blogs that may run an official BET award show ticket giveaway. Enter the Ultimate Fan Contest on BETs official website to improve your odds. The more entry forms you fill out, the higher your chances of winning.

To guarantee a seat at the BET awards, purchase a ticket. Retailers generally sell tickets at various prices. While you can by in-store or over the phone, online tickets may offer competitive discounts. Order tickets at least three to four weeks in advance to secure a seat; BET Awards tickets can sell out quickly.

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