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Under 18 Dance Clubs in Phoenix, Arizona

Teens seeking dance clubs in Phoenix can find venues if they get creative.
DANCE NIGHT image by RenRov from Fotolia.com

Where can teens find a place to listen to music and dance in Phoenix? It can be a challenge for younger crowds to find a venue willing to cater to a teen audience. While there are no clubs in Phoenix that are exclusively for people ages 18 and younger, there are clubs and organizations offering all-ages entertainment options.

Traveling Party Planners

Companies like Pulse Parties specialize in hosting parties that are specifically for crowds 18 and under at existing venues. Based out of Mesa, Pulse Parties rents out a venue and brings in their own event staff and DJs to run an under-18 evening of music and dancing. School IDs are required for entrance, and no hats or sports attire are allowed.

Phoenix Clubs Offering All-Ages Shows

Some clubs that are normally 21 and over offer “all-ages” nights when younger crowds are welcome. Clubs like The Rhythm Room will open up their event calendar and book all-ages musical acts that are teen friendly. Another way to seek out music and dance space that welcomes teens is to think outside the box--look for "alternative" venues, such as The Trunk Space. This performing arts venue schedules all-ages shows where teens are welcome to attend.

Nearby Clubs Offering All-Ages Shows

If you are able to drive, or if you have a willing chaperone, you can find other venues near the Phoenix area that offer similar opportunities for live music. The city of Tempe is approximately 20 to 30 minutes from Phoenix by car, and the city's Clubhouse Music Review includes all-ages music shows on its event calendar.

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