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Bisexual Clubs in NYC

NYC hosts several bisexual-friendly clubs, bars and events.
nyc skyline 09 image by John R. Amelia from Fotolia.com

There are few cities that can top New York City's nightlife. No matter what your sexuality is, there's a dance floor with your name on it. But for those looking to find people more like them, there are plenty of clubs in NYC that cater to the bisexual community and the greater LGBT community.


Cubbyhole may be the most bisexual-friendly venue on the list. While they are not specifically a gay bar, “Time Out NY” reports that the bar has a particular affinity for the lesbian crowd. However, you will meet people of all sexual persuasions in the crowds at Cubbyhole. The diverse crowd can be a welcoming atmosphere for those who don't want to have to put away one side of themselves when they go out for the night.

Cubbyhole 281 W. 12th Street New York, NY 10014 212-243-9041 cubbyholebar.com

Club Rush

Club Rush is open on Fridays and Saturday nights, bringing a two story party onto 6th Avenue each week. Bisexual guests will enjoy the selection, as there is one floor specifically for the boys and another specifically for the girls (but you can freely go between them if you want, regardless of your gender). LesbianNightLife reports that the venue is made for “LGBTs” so bisexual individuals should feel right at home, dancing to DJs spinning house, hip-hop and R&B.

Club Rush 579 6th Avenue New York, NY 10011 917-535-2662


Therapy is one of the trendiest spots in midtown for the gay community in NYC. It has a cocktail lounge feeling early in the evening, which can transform into a loud, club feeling as the night goes on. They also serve delicious food (try the nachos), and leave their doors open to the entire LGBT community, even if you will find mostly gay men at this location. Therapy also features live shows and music.

Therapy 384 W. 52nd Street New York, NY 10019 212-397-1700 therapy-nyc.com

The Monster

Located just around the corner from the famous Stonewall Inn, The Monster boasts right on their website that they have been “proudly and gayly serving the LGB&T community since 1970.” The Monster features a piano bar downstairs, and you can take the spiraling, mirrored staircase up to the dance floor on the second. The Monster also hosts two drag shows a week and is open every night for piano lounging and dancing.

The Monster 80 Grove Street Sheridan Square New York, NY 10014 212-924-3558 manhattan-monster.com

Henrietta Hudson

The Henrietta Hudson “Bar & Girl” is considered the go-to lesbian club. While focusing on attracting lesbians, the website reads “Henrietta Hudson is a multi-cultural, age/gender diverse, gay boy friendly and tourist accommodating.” Bisexual individuals should feel comfortable at this bar, which features hip-hop and house nights, poptronica and reggae.

Henrietta Hudson Bar & Girl 438 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014 212-924-3347 henriettahudson.com

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