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Teenage Night Clubs in Houston

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mirror sphere in a night club image by Sergey Sukhorukov from Fotolia.com

Houston, the largest city in Texas, is home to about 2 million people. There are multiple options of things to do from public parks, theaters, restaurants and a thriving night life. The Houston club scene has no shortage of places where you can showcase your dance moves or check out some music. But there aren’t as many options that allow teens to dance. Below are a few options that offer a night out to teens.

Club Roxy

Open since 1994, Club Roxy is longest continually running hip hop club in Houston. Club Roxy offers a Monday night teen night during the summers. Teen nights run from 6:30pm to 10:30pm are offered to teens 15 years and older. Club Roxy is only open Thursday through Saturday and then Mondays during the summer but is available for private parties all other days of the week.

Club Roxy 5351 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77056-5903 713-850-0703 clubroxy.com

Coco Loco

Coco Loco offers a teen night each Thursday and sometimes Sunday nights. The atmosphere at Coco Loco Night Club is perfect for hip-hop or Latin music lovers alike. All of these genre's latest and greatest beats are played. Regardless of the artist, the DJ at Coco Loco will always play what’s currently at the top of the charts.

Coco Loco 3700 Hillcroft St Houston, TX 77057-7702 713-781-5354

The Viper Club

The Viper Club, also referred to as the club southside, is open Friday and Saturday and teens are welcome year around. It cost $10 for entrance. The Viper Club plays the best mix of the top 40, dance, rap, hip hop and alternative rock as well as including a few old school favorites. Also showcased are break dancing and flow contest as well as free soft drinks and games.

Viper Club 8485 Gulf Fwy Houston, TX 77057 713-643-6060

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