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Teenage Clubs in Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas is home to many attractions and dance clubs. A number of these venues offer teens a place to go where there are no parents, no alcohol, no tobacco and no drama. Teen clubs offer a space where the high school set can let loose, dance with friends and have a great time

Venice Beach Teen Club

Venice Beach Teen Club is located in Arlington, Texas. It is right down the street from Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor Water Park. Hip-Hop, rap, pop, and techno music are played loud by a DJ and sometimes live bands. A snack bar is available with nachos, pizza, Gatorade, sodas and smoothies. The age limit is 13 to 17 and no parents are allowed unless it is an emergency. No alcohol or smoking, no ball caps or gang-related apparel, and no ins and outs are allowed. Dress code is strictly enforced and there is plenty of security. Everyone is electronically searched for their own safety before entering the club.

Venice Beach Teen Club 1621 E. Lamar Blvd. Arlington, TX 76011 (817) 469-6696 clubvibes.com/listings/Dallas/Nightclub/Venice-Beach-Teen-Club.html

Cowboys Dance Hall

Cowboys Dance Hall is also located in Arlington, Texas and most Sunday nights are teen nights. Doors usually open at 7 p.m. and close at midnight. There is a $10 cover charge and you must be 17 or younger. Many contests are held including a dance contest, bull riding contest and a money balloon drop contest. Parents are allowed and get in free of charge. Alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited. Some special event nights take place instead of teen night so it is recommended to check the website or call before going.

Cowboys Dance Hall 2540 E. Abram Street Arlington, Texas 76010 (817) 265-1535 cowboysdancehall.com

Club 17

Club 17 is located at the Purgatory nightclub in downtown Dallas, Texas. Anyone ages 13 to 17 are allowed and the teen club times are 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. This club has three different levels and each level plays different music. Club 17 has Dallas Police Officers inside and outside of the building to make sure that the night is safe. There is no alcohol served or present on teen nights. All the music is cleaned and edited prior to being played. Before entering the club a security check is mandatory and all bags and pockets will be searched. Interested parties should check the website or call for dates of the teen nights held at Purgatory Night Club.

Club17/Purgatory Night Club 2208 Main Street Dallas, Texas 75201 (214) 535-9658 accessdallas.com/club17/main/

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