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Activities for 50 Plus Adults

Many people over 50 are very active.
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Life after 50 can provide some people with the time and opportunity to do things they didn't have the chance to do previously or weren't interested in when they were younger. Some people even say, "Life begins at 50." The good news is that there are plenty of social, physical and engaging activities that will keep life entertaining after 50.


It's only natural that your physical abilities wane as you get older, but this doesn't mean that you can't still engage in exercise. In fact, it's one of the best things to do for your body as you age. Swimming and walking are two excellent activities that can be done alone or with a group that are not taxing on your joints. Golfing is another activity that many people over 50 enjoy. Golfing offers a social setting, as well as a good amount of exercise while walking the course.


Games are social activities that can be enjoyed at home or other places like a community center. A game like bingo is offered in many communities and often draws people over age 50. If you want to organize your own game night, mini gingo kits are available for purchase. You can also invite friends over for card games like bridge or poker, and if you like board games better, consider a game such as Scrabble."These can be entertaining activities that are low-maintenance and a good excuse to get friends together.


Those who love to travel should find organizations that arrange travel packages and destinations for people over 50. It's an exciting way to see the world and share experiences with others in the same age range. A company such as Elder Treks, (eldertreks.com) plans international adventures for people 50 and over including wildlife and tribal African safaris, excursions to the Arctic and journeys through Asia, South America and various destinations throughout the world.

Online Activities

The Internet has opened up new and exciting opportunities to get together with others and engage in something different. For example, meetup.com allows you to enter the activity you're interested in and the area you're looking for. It then provides you with a list of events related to your search. You can narrow your search to meet up with people over 50. If you're interested in dating someone, a website such as (50plussinglesdating.com) is geared specifically for those who are single and 50 and older.

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