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Activities for 70 Year Old Women

Active seniors lead healthier lives.
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Age-appropriate activities for 70-year-old women provide needed mental, physical and emotional stimulation. Women who are 70-plus years of age should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day. In addition, it is imperative that female seniors socialize on a regular basis for mental and emotional stimulation. A variety of well-chosen physical and social activities can help 70-year-old women lead fulfilling lives as senior citizens.


Take a simple stroll around your neighborhood for about a half-hour per day to get your circulatory system functioning at peak levels. Be sure to take deep breaths while you exercise to sustain oxygen levels in your blood. Visit nearby parks or indulge in low-intensity hikes along local trails. Bring a friend or your spouse for company, or enjoy the solitude and scenery on your own.


Solitary games like crosswords, free online jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku help 70-year-old women boost their concentration and memory capacities. Social games like bingo, cards or Scrabble help 70-plus ladies build cognitive function, while at the same time providing a forum for social interaction.


Many local senior citizens organizations offer weekly line dancing events, where 70-year-old women can dance either alone or with a handsome date. In addition, community colleges often provide continuing education classes that include dance. Here, you can learn brand-new dances, while cutting the rug with a new partner every few minutes.


Senior citizens often have more time to learn skills or nurture interests that they simply did not have time for when they were busy cultivating careers or families. Learn to paint, refine your wine-tasting palate, or take a history-of-cinema class with other individuals of various ages at local community centers, colleges or independent organizations. Make new friends and stimulate your mind at the same time.

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