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Online Cheerleading Dance Routines for Kids

Online cheerleading dance routines for kids.
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With the popularity of television shows like "Cheerleader Nation" and movies such as "Bring it On," one thing is certain, cheerleading has become more than a sideline pep squad. All-star cheerleading has exploded on the athletics scene and high school cheerleading has never been more competitive. As kids prepare to make their favorite squads at a younger age, you might be wondering where you can find more routines suitable for younger athletes.


Sideline Star is a membership website geared toward a slightly older clientele, such as young cheerleaders interested in making it in the professional realm. However, they have some beginner videos and easy routines posted on YouTube. They have routines for younger kids as well as cheers and chants in their video classroom. Also tune in to Varsity TV from Varsity.com, where you can find an assortment of cheer dance routines and styles.


Search online for classes in your area. Cheerleading classes are a fun way for kids to interact and engage with others as well as build skills to keep them fit and happy. Most cheer programs incorporate dance with stunt building, as well as tumbling. Many cheer gyms have plenty of equipment and games to make learning fun. Your child will learn coordination and teamwork through participation in cheerleading classes. A fantastic website for learning cheer movements and routines is the cheerleading section from Activity TV. They provide motions, chants, and cheers geared toward younger children.


If you need to come up with choreography for a kids cheerleading dance routine, you can check out Cheer Spirit. Cheer Spirit offers choreography software designed specifically for cheerleading that allows you to build a visual model of your routine to the music of your choice. You can also download plenty of free chants and stunts. If you need dance routines for kids cheering competitively, you can seek the assistance of a professional cheer choreographer such as Amy Acosta Logan of Cheer With Amy. Such choreographers can provide online videos with professionally choreographed material tailored to the students needs.


A core component of any cheerleading dance routine is the music you choose for the choreography. If you are at a competitive level, consider having your choreography mixed by a professional at Sonic Cheer Remixes or Cheerleading Remixes. Both provide affordable ready mixed music or, if your budget allows, consider a custom mix with voice-overs touting your team name. If you are simply dancing for fun, there are a variety of pieces to be found on iTunes. Regardless of your desire for creating a cheer dance routine, whether for fun or competition, thoroughly research where your information is coming from and confirm the safety of your kids.

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