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How to Join the Ruff Ryders

Have you seen the Ruff Ryders riding around your area and always wanted to join them? The Ruff Ryders are always looking to expand their numbers by admitting new members that represent their lifestyle and beliefs. Read on to find out how to begin the application process for all divisions of the Ruff Ryders and what to expect during the lengthy application process.

How to Join the Ruff Ryders

Decide which division you qualify for. If you wish to join the motorcycle or car division, you must be a licensed, registered owner of a motorcycle, car, truck or SUV of show, drifting or racing quality. Similarly, applicants for the Game Dog division must own gaming dogs. Members of the Thug and Street Team division must be able to otherwise demonstrate that they represent the Ruff Ryders' lifestyle.

Find a sponsor. You cannot join any chapter of the Ruff Ryders without being sponsored by at least one current member in good standing with the club.

Submit an application. This can either be done through the post, via e-mail or by approaching any full-patched Ruff Ryder member in your area (who might direct you to the appropriate contact). The physical and web address can be found on the Ruff Ryder website located in the "Resources" section.

Wait for a response. The prospect manager of your local chapter will be in contact with you soon to let you know whether you are being considered. If you are invited to continue your application process, you will be required to attend certain meetings and events during a 90-day period. During this "prospecting" period, you will be invited to demonstrate your ability to represent Ruff Ryder qualities. If you pass the prospecting period, the President and Prospect manager will arrange a time to officially welcome you to the Ruff Ryders.

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