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How to Get in Contact With Music Talent Scouts

Musical scouts -- also called A&R -- are everywhere looking for talent; But it is possible for you to find the right scout that could land you a big break. Music scouts are the gatekeepers to the entertainment industry. Because record labels don't like to deal with artists, A&R scouts are used to seek out and entertain talent. If are you looking to get ahead in the business, the right contacts and the proper tools could connect you with a person who could change your life forever.

Check out various talent scout websites including sites like TalentScoutConnect.com or MajorLabelScout.com. Some scouting websites require registration and an application fee to have access to various scouts. In today's marketplace it is difficult to land a major record deal, because they are looking for the total package, especially marketability. A website like this will allow you to upload your song catalog and connect with talent scouts.

Search online or locally for music trade shows. A&R scouts spend much of their time on the road attending various trade shows and music gigs. From SXSW -- South by Southwest -- in Austin, Texas to Midem in France, these shows will allow you to visit various booths and connect with scouts one-on-one. One thing you will need to consider, is how much you want to spend to connect with a scout. It isn't always guaranteed that a scout will have time to speak with you. Trade shows can be expensive, especially travel costs.

Ask a record label or management company if they are looking for employees or even an intern. If you can get your foot in the door and are willing to work for free or prospect an internship, your networking contact list will expand greatly. As a result, you could find yourself attending label parties and connecting with people in the industry who could help launch your career.

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