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How to Get Noticed by Talent Scouts

Perform whenever possible to gain exposure and experience.
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Whether you are an athlete, singer, actor or model, getting your foot in the door is one of the hardest parts about developing a successful career. Talent scouts are scouring the country, but with so many people to look at it can still be hard to get their attention. Without offers or representation, your skills could go to waste. If you have the talent, then attempting to attract an agency is a process worth undertaking.

Practice all the time so that you are continually improving. Whatever your skill, it can always be improved upon or refined. Those working at the top of your industry put in the same hard work and dedication when they were in your shoes.

Showcase your talent wherever possible. While small gigs may not seem important, they can help you generate exposure and enhance your resume. Take any assignment you can, even if you are not getting paid. A local paper might do a story on you or a talent scout may notice your work as part of their research. If you do not know how to get connected in your area, contact a local paper and ask if there are any events going on where you can offer your trade.

Write to talent scouts to introduce yourself and share your resume. Attaching a portfolio or video to your submission can give the scout of your work and personality.

Ask previous coaches, mentors or event coordinators to provide you with letters of recommendation. If the talent scout feels that this person has credibility, he may take you more seriously.

Upload your work to the Internet. Many people have become stars after getting discovered online. Upload videos to YouTube, create a website about yourself or join a site that specifically caters to discovering talent in your trade. Do anything you can to get people to hear about you. Word can spread fast on the Internet because if someones like you, he can just share a link with friends.

Be yourself. Many people attempt to transform into what they think a talent scout is looking for. Usually this results in the scout passing them by. Being yourself will give the scout the strongest impression of you.


If rejected by a talent agency, take some time before resubmitting your work. Use this time to improve your resume and refine your talents.

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