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How to Get Free WWE Tickets

Military members receive one free WWE ticket.
audience seats image by sumos from Fotolia.com

Over 14 million World Wrestling Entertainment fans tune in weekly to watch past and present wrestling icons on cable television. Many devoted fans attend live events, but with recent economic uncertainty and increased ticket prices, some wrestling followers had to either decrease or discontinue event attendance. Finding free WWE event tickets can be challenging, but not impossible.

Listen to local radio station advertisements approximately two weeks to a month leading up to the event. During many music concerts, wrestling events, and other entertainment shows, DJs often host special guest interviews, prize giveaways and even free tickets to local shows.

Join a WWE fan club. In addition to networking opportunities with other fans, updates of upcoming shows and other membership benefits, sometimes club sponsors may have insider knowledge about obtaining free or reduced event tickets.

Become a WWE friend or fan on social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace. Occasionally, sites may host contests for WWE fans. Sponsors may require WWE devotees to write essays or present videos explaining why they should receive free show tickets.

Present your valid military ID at a local arena box office the night of WWE RAW or SmackDown exhibitions. All Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine, Air Force and National Guard personnel may claim one free ticket to any local WWE event in their area.


Military personnel should plan to arrive at least one to two hours early because tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. WWE Wrestlemania events are not eligible for free military tickets.

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