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Ideas for an Adult Talent Show

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When some people think about talent shows they think of music contests such as Star Search, Showtime at The Apollo, Dancing With The Stars, America's Got Talent and American Idol. Then you have culinary contest shows such as Iron Chef and The Next Food Network Star. But these types of shows have become overblown and there is a strong need for more unique talent shows for mature adults who are not musically inclined.

Crafts Talent Competitions

There ought to be a talent show for adults who know how to make homemade quilts, sew children's outfits, make homemade book covers, make sweet-smelling candles and create timeless scrapbooks. In the age of computerized equipment which makes certain activities easier, it still would be nice to see adults who are talented at old-school arts and crafts.

Debate Talent Shows

Another interesting idea is to sponsor an adult talent show where everyday citizens compete in a weekly debate competition on PBS. Politicians should not be the only ones debating on television, and there are Americans who are sometimes smarter than politicians on political and social issues.

Scholarly Competition

It would be nice if talented writers got the opportunity to be on a talent show. There should be a show where college professors, high school and college students, senior citizens and everyday people all submitted their essays, books or magazine articles. Judges could be a combination of regular citizens and experienced writers. The prize could be a chance to meet with a literary agent.

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