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How to Make a Public Access TV Show

If you have ever had dreams of creating your own television show, then you could pitch your idea to a major network in the hopes that your dreams will come true. The more realistic option for most people is to get their own show on public access television through their local cable provider. According to VideoUniversity.com, the purpose of an public access television station is to provide the members of the community a way to get their ideas seen. If you learn the process correctly, you can see your ideas up on your television screen and live your dreams.

Things You'll Need:

  • Printer
  • Computer

Get Yourself on Public Access Television

Call your local cable television provider and ask them about signing up for their public access classes. It is recommended that anyone interested in producing a public access television show take these classes first, and for most public access stations, these classes are a requirement before you can get your own show.

Develop a show idea that you can present to the station manager for your public access show. Follow the guidelines outlined in the public access class, and take the time to put your idea in writing using an outline format that is easy to follow. Public access does not allow pornographic or racially offensive material, and they do not allow commercial endorsements, so take that into consideration when creating your show idea.

Discuss the format with the station manager. Some public access channels require all shows to be taped in their studio using their equipment, while others allow shows to be taped elsewhere and then sent to the station for airing. There may be quality and format requirements if you decide to produce the show on your own, so discuss those with the station manager as well.

Develop and begin shooting your show.

Once your time slot has been finalized, it is a good idea to do some Internet marketing to gain interest for your show. You should be notified well in advance when your show will air, so that you will have time to spread the word.


Videomaker.com says that you will not have a say in what time or day your show will air. The station will determine the time slot based on their scheduling availability. If your show is popular, you may get moved into a better time slot when one becomes available at the discretion of the station.

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