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How to Make a PSP USB for Cable TV

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The Sony PlayStation Portable(PSP), unlike other hand-held video game consoles, allows for easy sharing and communication with any devices through a USB cable. With the advent of televisions that have USB ports, it has become possible for the PSP to connect to televisions as well through a USB cable. The television can then access the information on the PSP, such as movie and music files, and display the information on its own screen.

Things You'll Need:

  • Memory Stick With Music Or Movie Files Inserted Into Your Psp
  • Television With Usb Ports

Insert the Mini-B end of your Mini-B to USB cable into the port on to of your PSP device. This cable will come with your PSP.

Insert the USB end of the cable into an available USB port on your television.

Turn your PSP on. Select the "Settings" option in the PSP main menu, then select the "USB Connection" option to send your PSP into USB mode.

Access your television's menu by pressing the "Menu" button on your television remote. Then, find the option for your PSP in your television's device menu.

Select the folder with the files you would like to access from the list of folders that appear on your television. These should be the same folders as the ones in your PSP's memory stick. Your television should be able to play the files found on the stick.

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