How to Install Linux OS on a PS2

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Things You'll Need

  • PS2 controller
  • PS2 console
  • Linux CD or USB

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) lets you install Linux as a primary or secondary operating system (OS). Since Linux is an open-source OS, it is compatible with other programs or operating systems, unlike the PS2 OS. To create programs on the PS2, install Linux as a primary OS. Alternatively, install Linux OS before you attempt to install another OS. The PS2 comes with a USB port, which allows you to install Linux from a USB flash drive.

Insert the silver end of the Linux USB drive in an available USB port on your PS2. If you have a CD, insert it in the PS2 console. Press the power button on your PS2 to turn on the console. Your television should be on as well.

Press the navigational buttons on your PS2 controller to navigate to the PS2's “Settings” option. Press the “Select” button (near the left side of your controller) to choose that option. Navigate and select “System Settings.”

Navigate to the “Install Other OS” option. Press the “Select” button on your controller. Follow the instructions on the screen for installing the specific Linux OS.

Navigate back to “Settings > System Settings.” Press the “Select” button to choose “Default System” from the list. Choose “Other OS” from the list of options.

Press and hold the power button on your PS2. Wait 30 seconds for it to turn off. Press and hold the power button once again. Wait for the PS2 to boot up to Linux on the television.


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