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How to Troubleshoot My PS3 Controllers Not Working

PlayStation 3 is a popular gaming console that can play not only video games, but also Blu-ray discs. Another advanced feature of the PlayStation 3 is the wireless controllers. These controllers can connect directly to your PS3, but they are primarily intended for wireless use. If your PS3 controller isn't working properly, you can perform a few basic troubleshooting steps.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paperclip
  • Ps3 Usb Cable

Use the controller with the PS3 USB cable to make sure that the controller hasn't fully malfunctioned.

Charge the PS3 controller if the LED lights on the remote are not responding. To do this, connect the PS3 USB cable from your remote to your PS3 USB port. Allow the remote to charge for a few minutes before trying it again.

Reset the wireless controller if the controller isn't responding. To do this, insert a paperclip into the reset button. The reset button, which is a tiny hole, is located next to the L2 button on the remote.

Move closer to the PlayStation 3, as the maximum distance you can sit from the console is 30 feet.

Pair your controller to your PlayStation 3. Plug the controller into the USB port of your PS3 and press the "PlayStation" button on the remote. This is located in the middle of the remote.


You can pair up to seven devices with your PS3 at any given time.

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