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How to Link a Power A to a PS3

Power A manufactures third-party gaming controllers. One of the company's products is the Power A Pro Elite Wireless controller for the PlayStation 3. This controller includes a wireless adapter and USB cable to charge and sync the controller with your PS3 console. The syncing process to link the Power A controller to your PS3 is similar to that of a proprietary PS3 controller.

Things You'll Need:

  • Usb Adapter
  • Usb Cable

Plug in the USB adapter into the USB port on your PS3.

Connect the Power A controller to the USB adapter with the USB cable.

Power on your PS3 console to charge the controller. The controller must be fully charged before you can use it. The charging is complete when the “Home” LED light stops flashing and stays lit.

Press the “Connect” button on the USB adapter. The lights on the adapter will start to flash.

Press the “Home” button on the Power A controller. When the lights on the adapter and controller stop flashing, the controller will be linked to the PS3.


Once the controller has been charged, you can remove the USB cable and use the controller wirelessly.

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