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How to Run Emulators on PS3

Play the old classics on the PS3 with Linux and an emulator.
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An emulator is a program that makes your computer's hardware run exactly as if it were another hardware system. Emulators are often used for playing legacy video game consoles like the NES, Atari and Sega systems. The PlayStation 3 is different than other video game consoles because it has the ability to run more than one operating system. Take advantage of this to run an emulator on the PS3. Since there are no emulators for the PS3 GameOS, you will need to install Linux and run an emulator written for Linux.

Select "System Settings" from the Settings menu of the PS3. Select "Format Utility" and then select "Format Hard Disk." Answer "Yes." In this window you will be asked how much memory you wish to allot to the new operating system. Select the majority of the memory. For example, if your PS3 has 150GB memory, allot 100 to the new operating system.

Select "Quick Format." The drive will format. When it is finished, press the "X" button on the controller and the PS3 will reboot.

Download a free copy of Yellow Dog Linux from the Yellow Dog website. Follow the instructions given to burn an install a CD for your particular system. Yellow Dog Linux has been tested and designed for use with the PS3.

Turn the PS3 on and insert the Yellow Dog install CD. On the PS3 home screen, select the "Settings" menu, "System Settings" and "Install Other OS." Press the "X" button when the path for the installation of the other OS has been discovered. Installation will commence automatically.

Go back to the Settings menu. Select "System Settings," click on "Default System," and choose "Other OS." This will set up your PlayStation to boot from Linux the next time it is turned on. The first time you use Yellow Dog, you will be guided through the system for booting up and logging into the operating system.

Download the emulator you wish to run on your PS3. Install the emulator from within Yellow Dog Linux OS on your PS3. You will now be able to run the emulators on your console.

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