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How to Put the PS3 BD Remote Control in Pairing Mode

remote control #2 image by tobe_dw from Fotolia.com

Your PlayStation 3 has an integrated optical drive that allows you to watch high-definition videos in Blu-ray format as well as standard definition videos from standard DVD media. The Sony Corporation offers PlayStation 3 owners the option to purchase a separate Bluetooth-enabled remote control from various authorized retail stores around the world. The proprietary Sony PlayStation 3 remote control allows for greater control when watching DVDs/BD movies and navigating through the video menu screens.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 game console and wait for the XMB menu to appear on your television screen.

Navigate to the drop-down “Settings” menu, scroll down to “Accessory Settings” and press the “X” button on your PlayStation 3 game controller.

Scroll down to the “Register BD Remote Control” and press the “X” button on your game controller.

Press the “Start” and “Enter” buttons on your remote control at the same time for at least five seconds. Your PlayStation 3 remote control is successfully paired to your gaming console when the confirmation prompt appears on your television screen.

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