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How to Rent Movies on a Playstation 3

Rent Movies on a Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 is more than just a video game system. When it's connected to the Internet, the PS3 allows you to surf the Web and download games and demos. If you have a PlayStation Network account, you can also rent all kinds of movies with your PlayStation 3.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 and make sure the disc tray is empty.

Select the "PlayStation Network" tab from the main menu and select the "PlayStation Store" option in the sub-menu that appears. Press the "X" button and log in to the store if prompted.

Select the "Video" option at the top-left of the PlayStation Store menu.

Select either "New Releases" or "Movies" from the various options.

Browse through the list of available movies, or use the PlayStation Store's search function to track down a specific movie. Press "X" to select your movie.

Select the "Rental" option at the top-right of the screen. When prompted, select the "Buy Now" tab.


The price for renting movies with your PS3 varies in 2010; most movies will cost $3 to $4.50.


  • Your rented movies will expire 14 days after they are downloaded, or 48 hours after you begin watching them.
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