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How to Update a PS2 System Driver

Sony PlayStation 2 slim model console
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Sony released its PlayStation 2 slim model with a broader range of DVD playback capabilities than the original PlayStation 2. Sony released a disc containing video drivers that could be installed on an older PS2, allowing its multimedia features to stay current with the newer model. The disc can be obtained legitimately only by purchasing the PlayStation 2 DVD Remote Control.

Things You'll Need:

  • Playstation 2 Memory Card With At Least 1 Mb Free
  • Dvd Provided With Playstation 2 Dvd Remote Control
Young boy playing with PlayStation 2 game system
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Remove any game discs from the PS2 drive and insert the DVD included with the Remote Control.

PlayStation 2 gamers
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Place your memory card in Slot 1 if it isn't already there. Make sure there is at least 1 MB of free space on the card. Delete any files to free up sufficient space if necessary.

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Start the PS2. When you are asked if you want to upgrade the DVD software, select "Yes," and then hit the "X" button. The process will take a few minutes.

Boys watching movie on PlayStation console
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Restart your PS2. Insert a DVD in the disk drive and select "Play Movie."

Using the PlayStation 2 at a gaming convention
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Press the right trigger button on the PS2 controller. If the movie skips to the next DVD chapter, your driver was installed correctly. Repeat the process, checking that you have enough available memory on the memory card, if this command does not execute properly.


  • Some online users claim to offer downloadable copies of the PS2 updated drivers that can be burned to a disk and installed. Note that many of these pieces of software are flawed and ineffective. The only way to ensure that you have updated your PS2 drivers is with officially purchased software.
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