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How to Hook Up WiFi iMediashare to the PS3

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a feature-rich video game console equipped with wireless network capabilities. Photos, music and videos can be downloaded and stored to the internal PS3 hard drive or streamed from the Internet or home Wi-Fi network. IMediashare is an application for iOS and Android smart phones that uses a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with wireless media devices. Content from iMediashare can be sent from a smart phone to a PlayStation 3 console using the media server connection.

Scroll to the "Settings" section of the PlayStation 3 main menu and select "Network Settings."

Highlight "Media Server Connection" and press the "X" button. Select "Enable" and press the "Circle" button twice to return to the main menu.

Launch the iMediaShare application on your smart phone. Make sure your phone is currently connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Tap on the content you want to share with the PS3 console to open the "Play On" menu.

Tap the "PlayStation 3" option to send the content to your console.

Scroll to appropriate photo, music or video section of the PS3 menu to locate the specific content you shared with the console.

Highlight the "iMediashare" listing and press the "X" button to access the shared content.

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