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How to Download & Play PS3 Games

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The PS3, or PlayStation 3, is a home video-game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the third home console in the PlayStation series and is the successor to the PlayStation 2. One of the most important features of the PS3 is the PlayStation Network, which allows PS3 owners to play video games online and access content such as video games and game demos that can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store.

Turn on your PS3 and select the "PlayStation Network" in the "XMB" menu screen. With PS3 controller, use the analog stick to scroll to the "PlayStation Network." Under "PlayStation Network," select "PlayStation Store."

Wait for the "PlayStation Store" to open, and using the analog stick on the controller, scroll down to "Games" and then "PS3 Games."

Choose the "PS3" game that you want to download and add the game to your shopping cart.

Open your "Shopping Cart." Inside the "Shopping Cart" you are given three main options: "delete," "continue shopping" and "proceed to checkout." If you are satisfied with your selection, then choose the "proceed to checkout" option.

Wait for the PS3 game to download from the PlayStation Network. After the game has been successfully downloaded, the game will be displayed in the XMB menu screen under "Games."

Install the PS3 game. With the downloaded game highlighted, press the "X" button on your PS3 controller to install the game. Once the game has been installed, your new PS3 game will be ready to play.


You can only download video games if your PS3 is activated with a PlayStation Network account.

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