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How to Install MultiMAN

MultiMAN is a file backup manager, file browser and media player application. The application is commonly used on jailbroken or softmodded (hacked) Sony PlayStation game consoles to add each functionality to the PlayStation experience. MultiMAN can be installed onto your hacked PlayStation gaming through a process that is customarily referred to as a homebrew or a preconfigured hacking package. The process of installing MultiMAN onto your gaming system is fairly straightforward.

Things You'll Need:

  • Jailbroken Playstation Device
  • Usb Memory Drive

Download the “MultiMAN v01.16.08” and “BDEMU.rar” files onto your computer.

Plug the USB storage drive into an available USB port on the computer. The folder for the storage dive will automatically appear on your computer's desktop.

Drag-and-drop the “MultiMAN v01.16.08” and “BDEMU.rar” files into the USB drive folder, then remove the USB drive from the computer.

Insert the USB drive into the first USB port on your PlayStation console, then scroll to the “Install Packages” option in the XMB main menu using your game controller. You will see the two files packages from the memory drive appear on the screen. Select them, then press the “X” button to begin the installation.

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