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How to Boot a PS3 From USB

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Early models of the PS3 came installed with the PlayStation's XMB menu, which served as the PS3's operating system. However, they also contained the capability to install Linux-based operating systems, further increasing the PS3's usefulness to the user capable of setting it up. However, before setting up the additional operating system, you had to boot it from the PS3 with a USB driver.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flash Drive
  • Computer
  • Linux Installer Cd
  • Linux Boot Loader

Connect the flash drive to the PC.

Open "My Computer" on the PC and open the Flash drive icon.

Right-click on the background and Hover on "New" on the menu that appears, then click "Folder." Name the folder "PS3." Double-click on that folder to open it, and repeat this step for a second new folder, but name that folder "otheros" in all lowercase letters.

Rename your boot loader "otheros.bld" then transfer the Linux boot loader onto the flash drive, placing the boot loader into the "otheros" folder. If you do not have a Linux boot loader, check your Linux distribution's website to obtain one.

Connect the USB drive carrying the boot loader to the PS3 and turn it on.

Go to the "Settings" menu from the mXMB menu, then click "System Settings," then finally "Install Other OS." Follow the on-screen instructions to start the boot into the other OS.

Insert the Installation Disc containing the boot loader's Linux distribution.


  • CECH-2000 models or later PS3 models cannot have a Linux OS in them. Check your model number on the back of the PS3.
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