How to Use USB Advance on PS2 Slim

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Things You'll Need

  • USB flash drive
  • PS2 adapter
  • PS2 controller
  • USB hard drive

The operating system of the PlayStation 2 Slim (PS2) can not access a USB hard drive. However, the the PS2 Slim can be modified with a USB Advance program that will enable the operating system to recognize and use the hard drive. The program must be downloaded from a computer and then transferred to the PS2 Slim before it can be installed. Both procedures are straightforward and can be accomplished by a novice to computers or a PS2 Slim.

Download the USB Advance program to the PC’s desktop (see Resources). Double-click on the file to decompress it to a program on the desktop.

Plug a USB flash drive into a USB port on the PC. Wait for the icon of the USB flash drive to appear on the desktop.

Drag the USB Advance program from the desktop onto the icon of the USB flash drive. Wait as a copy progress bar appears, fills in from right to left and then disappears

Right-click on the icon of the USB flash drive. Select “Eject” from the pop-up menu. Remove the USB flash drive from the USB port of the PC.

Plug the USB flash drive’s connector into the USB connection on the PS2 Slim adapter. Plug the PS2 Slim connector on the PS2 Slim adapter into the PS2. Turn the PS2 Slim on.

Navigate from the "Home" menu to “Settings.” Select “Storage” from beneath “Settings.” Select the icon of the USB flash drive from the list of choices beneath “Storage.” Select the USB Advance program from the list of choices to the right of the icon.

Press the “X” button on the PS2 Slim controller. Select “Install” from the pop-up menu.

Follow the menu commands to install the USB Advance program into the PS2’s operating system. Click the “Reboot now” button on the confirmation window when it appears. Wait for the PS2 Slim to reboot and display the Home menu.

Turn the PS2 Slim off. Remove the USB flash drive from the PS2 adapter. Plug the USB cable attached to the USB hard drive to the PS2 Slim.


  • Neither Sony nor an authorized service center will perform any repair work on a modified PS2--even if what needs to be done has no relationship to the modification.


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