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How to a Play DVD on a PS2 Slim

DVD image by vashistha pathak from Fotolia.com

Along with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation game compatibility, the Sony PlayStation 2 Slim console also offers DVD playback right out of the box. Using your controller to navigate the DVD menus, you can use your PlayStation 2 console as your home DVD player. Playing DVDs is incredibly easy and only takes about a minute to set up.

Press the open button on the front of the console to open the disc tray.

Place the DVD into the disc tray with the shiny side down, pushing it so the disc clicks into place on the spindle.

Close the disc tray so it snaps shut.

Press the power button on the front of the console. The DVD will load up on its own.

Enter your PlayStation 2's parental control password if asked for one. If you've never done this before, you may be prompted to create one. If you've forgotten the password, reset it by pressing "select" on the password entry screen and keying "7444" as your password.

Navigate the DVD menus using the controller's directional pad. Confirm selections and start playback using the "X" button, and cancel selections using the "circle" button. Press the "select" button to open the control panel.

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