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How to Use a PS3 As a DVR

Digitally record your favorite shows on your PS3.
digital image by Dianne Burridge from Fotolia.com

The PS3 became popular upon its initial release due to its slick graphics and ability to connect to the Internet. A few years later, Sony went even further with the development of PlayTV, a box you attach to your PS3 that allows the console to act as a DVR recorder. This means you can record your favorite movies and shows digitally, right from your PS3. The best part about PlayTV is that the setup process is fairly straightforward and using it is just as easy.

Connect the television cable in your house to the circular input port on the back of the PlayTV box.

Connect one end of the included USB cable into the USB port in the back of the PlayTV box. Then run the other end to the USB port in the side of your PS3.

Connect the included A/V cables to the ports in the back of your PS3 and then connect the other ends to the inputs in your TV. Turn on your PlayTV, PS3 and television and then follow the prompts onscreen to choose your location, enter your information and complete the setup process.

Select the television icon onscreen to access the main menu of PlayTV. From there, use the directional pad on your PlayStation controller to scroll through the various options and press the "circle" button to select the record option you would like.

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