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How to Unlock PS3 Demo Games

The Sony PlayStation 3 allows gamers to play video games, watch Bluray discs, rip and enjoy music, and online capability. Users can go online with their PS3 and sign up for a PlayStation Network account, where they can play certain games online, and download video games, music, videos, movies, television shows, and game demos, directly to their PS3. The PlayStation Network has many game demos for users to download and try before they buy.

Downloading PS3 Game Demos

Check to see if your PlayStation 3 is properly hooked up for wired or wireless online capability. If you are using a wireless PS3 controller, check to make sure it is fully charged.

Log onto the XrossMediaBar, or XMB, which is the PS3's navigation tool.

Select the PlayStation Network option.

Sign into the PlayStation Network with your account when the Sign-In Screen appears.

Select the PlayStation Store option.

Browse through the PlayStation Store's library of downloaded video game demos until you find one you'd like to download.

Select the demo and choose the Add to Cart option to add it to your account Shopping Cart. If you'd like to download multiple items, continue to browse the PlayStation Store, if not then you can select the Download option instead.

Select the View Cart option to view the contents you'd like to download.

Choose the Proceed to Checkout option.

Select the demo(s) and choose the Download option. The demo(s) will start to download to your PS3's hard drive.

Choose the Download in Background option when it appears to go back to the previous screen. This will continue the download, but allows the user to do other things.


  • The demo(s) you download will take up memory on your hard drive. If you do not have enough space on your hard drive, you'll need to delete old and/or unused downloads. Demo file size does vary.
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